Palazzo Gambacorti Pisa

The Palazzo Gambacorti is a historic building in Pisa. It is located along the river Arno and now partly serves as the city administration office.

Palazzo Gambacorti Pisa

Address, opening hours and admission

The address is Lungarno Gambacorti, 1 – 56125 Pisa. The building is not accessible to tourists.

History and description

Palazzo Gambacorti Pisa
Palazzo Gambacorti

The Palazzo Gambacorti began its existence in the 11th century as a so-called casatorre (“tower house”). The tower is now incorporated in the southern part of the current palace.

Between the 13th and 14th centuries, a loggia for merchants was opened on the west side of the building. In the 15th century, this loggia was rented out to Catalans and Florentines.

The nucleus of the present version of the building dates back to a reconstruction between 1370 and 1392. The architect may have been Tommaso Pisano. The Gambacorti, a wealthy merchant family, owned the building at the time.

Restorations in the 17th century ensured that only the division of the ground floor, indicated by three arches, can be seen. These arches corresponded to naves covered by cross vaults, which are visible from the Via Toselli.

Around 1380 the Gambacorti family had a new wing added to the structure. This part can be seen on the river side, near the Ponte di Mezzo.

In the 15th century, the Palazzo Gambacorti became a public building. It was the seat of the Consoli del Mare, the Customs Office, and later the Priori.

A 16th-century drawing shows that the Palazzo Gambacorti used to have another floor, characterized by small windows and blind arches. In 1533 it was bought by the Del Tignoso family, who added the two adjacent buildings to the complex.

In the 18th century, it became a public building once more. Nowadays the Sala delle Baleari is used for municipal council meetings.

Palazzo Gambacorti – Lungarno Gambacorti 1, Pisa

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