Palazzo Gentili del Drago Rome

The Palazzo Gentili del Drago is a historic building in the Trevi district of Rome. Unfortunately, part of the building had to be demolished when the tunnel under Quirinal Hill was constructed.

Palazzo Gentili del Drago Rome

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Palazzo Gentili del Drago Rome
Palazzo Gentili del Drago

The building is located in Via in Arcione, 71 – Rome. It is not open to tourists. Rione: Trevi.

History and description

The Palazzo Gentili Del Drago was commissioned by Cardinal Antonio Saverio Gentili in the early 18th century.

Who the architect was is not known, although there are those who believe that Domenico Raguzzini (who was also responsible for the design of the Villa Gentili) had a hand in it.

In 1900, the left part of the building was taken down because of the need to make room for the Traforo, as the tunnel under Quirinal Hill is called.

The façade stands out mainly because of the projecting moldings of both the main entrance and the windows.

Low rent

In the late 20th century, the building was in the news when it was revealed that the municipality had leased two entire floors plus a terrace to the influential politician Ciriaco De Mita for an extremely low rent.

Palazzo Gentili del Drago, Rome

Trevi district