Palazzo d’Iseo Anagni

Palazzo d'Iseo Anagni

The Palazzo d’Iseo is the Municipal Building of Anagni in the province of Frosinone. It was built in the middle of the 12th century, when the city commissioned the architect Jacopo da Iseo to design it.

Palazzo d’Iseo Anagni

Useful information

Address: Via del Trivio, 4 – Anagni.

History and description

Palazzo d'Iseo Anagni
Palazzo d’Iseo

The architect, Jacopo da Iseo, united two already existing buildings. He constructed a huge portico in order to connect these two palazzi. His design included big arches that support the Sala della Ragione. This “Hall of Reason” was named thus because the judicial court had its seat there.

Originally it was one big hall, but it was later divided up in order to create the chapel dedicated to Saint Magnus, patron saint of the city. This chapel is decorated with a series of frescoes. Later two vast rooms, called the Sala delle Lapidi and the Sala delle Ere, were added.

The facade of the Municipal Palace front is on the former Piazza del Macello, now called Piazza della Pace. It is decorated with a number of coats of arms (the city, the Caetani family, the Loggia del Banditore). On this side, the big hall that opens up into the welcoming hall on the upper floor can be found.

In the course of the centuries, popes, cardinals and governors have had their residences in the Palazzo d’Iseo. Often this has resulted in major changes to the building, also resulting in an incorporation of the adjacent edifices.

Palazzo d’Iseo, Anagni

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