Palazzo Mauri Spoleto

The Palazzo Mauri is a 17th century historic building close to the Piazza Pietro Fontana in Spoleto. The building, which was completely renovated in 2009, is now a library. The courtyard contains a 6th century mosaic.

Palazzo Mauri Spoleto

Address, opening hours and admission

Address: Via F. Brignone – 06049 Spoleto. Openings hours library: Tuesday and saturday from 08.30 till 13.30 and wednesday till friday from 08.30 till 13.30 and from 15.00 till 18.45.

History, description and curiosities

Palazzo Mauri Spoleto

The Palazzo Mauri was built by the family of that name. They chose a prestigious spot for their palace, the crossing of the Via Brignone and the Via dell’Arco di Druso, close to the Piazza del Mercato. The Piazza del Mercato, one of Spoleto’s cosiest squares, is where the Forum used to be.

Before it became the seat of the city library it hosted the Accademia Spoletina. The library can boast a vast collection of antique books, acquired toward the end of the 19th century, when religious orders were outlawed.

Highlights Palazzo Mauri

The literary cafe in the courtyard has a 6th century mosaic.

The rooms of the building are adorned with paintings by Alessandro Bottoni (17th century), Giuseppe Valeriani and Domenico Sergardi (18th century).

Near Palazzo Mauri

The Via Fiordespina Lauri, which enfolds the Palazzo Mauri like a horse shoe, is named for a lady who was forced to kill an overenthusiastic suitor.

When following the Vicolo delle Cantoncelle towards the Viale Matteotti, you will walk through one of the most picturesque parts of Spoleto. Old houses, arches and ivy-covered walls line the narrow alleys in this neighbourhood.

A 1st century BC inscription in the Giardino Piperno indicates who had paid for certain restoration works. A second part of this inscription can be found at the arrival point of the funiculare from the underground parking lot.

Palazzo Mauri – Via Brignone, Spoleto

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