Palazzo Mengarini Albertini Carandini Rome

The Palazzo Mengarini is a historic building in Rome’s Trevi district. It is a short walk from the Piazza del Quirinale.

Palazzo Mengarini Albertini Carandini Rome

Useful information

The Palazzo Mengarini is located in Via XXIV Maggio – Rome. Rione: Trevi. It is privately owned and cannot be visited by tourists.

History and description

The Palazzo Mengarini (also called the Palazzo Mengarini Albertini or the Palazzo Mengarini Albertini Carandini) was commissioned by Guglielmo Mengarini in the 19th century. The architect was Gaetano Koch.

From 1915 it was owned by Luigi Albertini (director of the newspaper Corriere della Sera), who left it to his daughter Elena in 1941. The latter was married to Count Nicolò Carandini, which explains the building’s final name.

Today the building is the Roman residence of the Agnelli family, owners of FIAT.

In remote antiquity, a Sabine settlement was located on the site of the palace.

Via XXIV Maggio – Rome

Trevi district