Palazzo Muti Papazzurri Rome

The Palazzo Muti Papazzurri in Rome is also known as Palazzo Balestra or Palazzo Stuart. The building is located at the end of Piazza dei Santi Apostoli, diagonally across from the basilica of that name and the Palazzo Colonna.

Palazzo Muti Papazzurri Rome

Useful information

Palazzo Muti Papazzurri Rome
Palazzo Balestra (oftewel Palazzo Muti Papazzurri)

Address: Piazza della Pilotta, 35 – Rome. The building is privately owned and not accessible to tourists.

History and description

The Palazzo Balestra was designed by Mattia de’ Rossi in the 17th century. De’ Rossi was a pupil of Bernini. He enlarged the building by connecting it to the neighboring Palazzo Muti Papazzurro.

After the Pope had recognized the Stuarts as legitimate rulers of Great Britain and Ireland during the 18th century, the palace became the residence of the exiled princes. A plaque fixed on one of the walls of the building recalls that the last descendant of the lineage used to reside in the Palazzo Muti Papazzurri.

One of the corridors of the palace is graced by a series of frescoes, painted in the mid-17th century, by Giovan Francesco Grimaldi.

Palazzo Muti Papazzurri, Rome

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