Palazzo Nunziante Naples

The Palazzo Nunziante is a historic building near Piazza dei Martiri in Naples. Inside the building is a chapel containing some interesting works of art by Domenico Morelli and others.

Palazzo Nunziante Naples

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

The official address is Via Domenico Morelli, 7/15 Naples. The building is private property and not open to tourists.

History and description

The Palazzo Nunziante was commissioned by Alessandro Nunziante in 1855. The land on which it is built was previously owned by the monks of Monte Oliveto.

The construction of the six-storey palace was in the hands of architect Enrico Alvani.

The façade is characterised by the bossage of the lower part and the cornice on which a railing rests of the upper floor.

A small churh with artworks by Paolo Vetri and Antonio Busciolano is incorporated in the building. The highlight, however, is a “Assumption of Mary” painted by Domenico Morelli.

The salon was frescoed by Vincenzo Paliotti.

Piazzetta Santa Maria Cappella Vecchia

The back of the palace is on Piazzetta Santa Maria Cappella Vecchia. This little square used to be the courtyard of the church of the same name.

Palazzo Nunziante – Via Morelli 7/15, Naples

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