Palazzo Ottaviani Orvieto

The Palazzo Ottaviani is a historic building in the Piazza della Repubblica in Orvieto. At present, the palace serves as the seat of the Cassa di Risparmio di Orvieto.

Palazzo Ottaviani Orvieto

Address, opening hours and admission

Address: Piazza della Repubblica – Orvieto. The interior is not open to tourists.

History and description

Before the bank moved into the building, the Palazzo Ottaviani was seat of the Locanda delle Belle Arti. One of the people who once stayed here was the freedom fighter Giuseppe Garibaldi. On the piano nobile, present seat of the president and the board of directors of the Banca d’Italia, traces of the hotel decorations are still visible.

The structure of the building has hardly changed over the centuries. However, the interior and the ornaments of the fa├žade have continuously been adapted to the taste of its occupants.

The upper left corner is characterized by a square structure, which is open on the inside of the building. The newly restored terrace offers a nice view of the surroundings.

The frescoes on the wooden portals to the main hall were installed in the 1930s. They depict allegorical figures representing thrift, charity, work and destiny. The painter was Gino Frittelli.

In 1997, the bank purchased the work of local painter Fernando Puppo (1887-1962). His paintings of the city are on display in the halls of Palazzo Ottaviani itself and in the adjacent Palazzo Ravizza connected to this building.

Piazza della Repubblica – Orvieto