Palazzo Pennoni Montefiascone

The Palazzo Pennoni in the Via Santa Lucia Filippini in Montefiascone was built in the 16th century. It was probably constructed by Jacopo Barozzi aka il Vignola for the Pennoni family.

Palazzo Pennoni Montefiascone

Useful information

Address: Via Santa Lucia Filippini – 01027 Montefiascone.

History and description

Palazzo Pennoni Montefiascone
Palazzo Pennoni

The present Palazzo Pennoni dates back to the 16th century. Coats of arms of this family are still visible on the sides of the palace.

The Pennoni were an important family in the city from the 16th century onward and also owned another building in the street. Until the 18th century, several members of the family had functions in the city government.

The facade is characterized by a laterizio wall with a rusticated portal.

From 1819 onward, the palace changed ownership several times and at one point it was first used as a frantoio (where olives were pressed) and later as a kindergarten.

What to see

Since there is a 15th century Agliotti family crest in one of the rooms, it is presumed that there must have already been a building before the Pennoni had their palace built.

Palazzo Pennoni Montefiascone

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