Palazzo Querini Stampalia Venice

The Palazzo Fondazione Querini Stampalia is located along the Rio Santa Maria Formosa in Venice. It houses a kind of historical museum/pinacotheque, which also exhibits typical Venetian antique furniture.

Palazzo Querini Stampalia Venice

Address, opening times and admission price

Palazzo Querini Stampalia Venice
Palazzo Querini Stampalia

The address of the Palazzo Fondazione Querini Stampalia is Santa Maria Formosa, 5252 – 30122 Venice (tel. +39 0412711411). Vaporetto: . Opening hours: 10.00 to 18.00. Friday and Saturday from 10.00 to 22.00. Closed on Mondays. Entrance fee: 6 Euro (discount: 4 Euro).


Palazzo Querini Stampalia Venice

The Palazzo Fondazione Querini Stampalia was built in the 16th century. Like most palaces built at that time, the main intention was to show the power of the family through its grandeur. However, the Foundation has only been in existence since 1969 and was established at the wish of the last descendant of this family, Count Giovanni Querini Stampalia.

All of the family’s possessions, including the archives, are left intact in the palace and can be viewed for academic purposes.

The first expansion of the palazzo took place under Niccolò Querini (1513-1514) and by the mid-17th century an adjoining palace was added. Later changes towards the end of the 19th century included the addition of a 3rd floor.

Today it houses a Municipal Library along with a historical museum.

In the 1960s the garden and the first floor of the palace were restored by Carlo Scarpa.

Palazzo Querini Stampalia, Venice

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