Palazzo Rusticucci-Accorambini Rome

The Palazzo Rusticucci-Accorambini is a building in the Via della Conciliazione in Rome. It first stood on another site and was moved to its present location in the 1930s.

Palazzo Rusticucci Rome

Practical information

The address of Palazzo Rusticucci is Via della Conciliazione, 44 – Rome. The palace is not accessible to tourists.

History Palazzo Rusticucci

Like the nearby Palazzo dei Convertendi, Palazzo Rusticucci was originally located at a different place. Before the Via della Conciliazione was constructed and the entire neighborhood was redesigned, it stood in the Piazza Rusticucci, which also no longer exists.

The current building was erected in 1950. Elements of the old Palazzo Rusticucci were used for its construction.

This original palace had been built in 1585 for Cardinal Girolamo Rusticucci. The architects were Fontana and Maderno.

To construct the palace, the cardinal had acquired a number of houses in the neighborhood with the intention of having them destroyed. One homeowner refused to sell, and Rusticucci was forced to build his palace around this woman’s cottage and incorporate it into it. The heirs were equally stubborn and it was not until 1785 that it was sold, although the new owners used it to start a cafĂ©.

Meanwhile, the cardinal had sold the palace to the Accoramboni family, and in 1630 it became the seat of the Collegio Nazareno.

At the end of the 19th century, the sisters of Pope Pius X lived in the apartment, which at the time belonged to Michele Mazzarenti.

Palazzo Rusticucci, Rome

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