Palazzo Sanfelice Napels

The Palazzo Sanfelice in Naples is the first building where the architect Ferdinando Sanfelice used his trademark double staircase. The church that used to be part of to the building no longer serves as such and almost all the artworks that used to hang or stand there have been removed.

Palazzo Sanfelice Naples

Address, Admission and Opening hours

Palazzo Sanfelice Naples
The staircase of Palazzo Sanfelice

The address of Palazzo Sanfelice is Via Arena della Sanità 19 – 80137 Naples. Bus: C51, C52. The building cannot actually be visited, but on request the porter sometimes lets tourists into the courtyard for a short time.

History and Description

The Double Staircase of Palazzo Sanfelice

The architect Ferdinando Sanfelice became best known for the use of the double staircase for the buildings he designed in Naples in the first half of the 18th century. The Palazzo Sanfelice that he designed for himself and his family was the first of these palazzi.

It took four years to construct the building, which was completed in 1728. From then on the architect received numerous commissions to build prestigious palazzi, almost always using his double staircase.

Chiesa di Palazzo Sanfelice

There used to be a real church inside the building. The works of art that embellished this church have almost all been removed and there is no trace of even a group of sculptures by the famous Giuseppe Sammartino (“The Four Seasons”) since 1854.


Like other of his buildings, these staircases are often used as picturesque backdrops in the making of films and TV series.

Palazzo Sanfelice, Naples

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