Palazzo Savelli Bassano Romano

The Palazzo Savelli is a historic building on the Piazza della Puiarella in Bassano Romano, a pretty little square at the end of a side street of Via Maria Giustiniani.

Palazzo Savelli Bassano Romano

History and description

Several of the side streets and alleys of Via Maria Giustiniani, the main street of the historic center of Bassano Romano, lead to small, picturesque squares.

The most beautiful one of these is the Piazza della Puiarella, where the Palazzo Savelli, built in the 16th century, is located.

The Palazzo Savelli used to serve as the municipal office. In those days it was known as Palazzo Pretorile.

The entrance gates feature the Savelli-Anguillara coat of arms (an eel with its mouth wide open and a star with seven arms).

Parts of this building had communal functions, such as storehouse and prison.

At present the palace is private property.

Under the palace multiple cellars have been excavated in the tuff stone ground. These spaces are being used for storing wine.

Palazzo Savelli, Bassano Romano

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