Palazzo Solaro del Borgo Turin (or Palazzo Isnardi di Caraglio)

The Palazzo Solaro del Borgo is located in the Piazza San Carlo in the center of Turin. It is also called the Palazzo Isnardi di Caraglio. It was built in the 17th century and is not accessible to tourists.

Palazzo Solaro del Borgo Turin

Useful information

Address: Piazza San Carlo 183 – 10123 Turin. Unfortunately, the Palazzo Solaro del Borgo cannot be visited by tourists.

History and description

Built between 1644 and 1656, it was originally the residence of the Marquis Harvard de Senantes, from Lorraine.

Later the building came into the hands of the Isnardi di Caraglio, who had the facade remodeled by the architect Benedetto Alfieri. Alfieri had the wing to Via Lagrange built, as well as the atrium and the staircase.

Part of the interior was also designed by Alfieri. After Alfieri died in 1767, Filippo Castelli took over this task.

The main rooms and other attractions in the Palazzo Solaro del Borgo are the grand staircase, the rooms leading to the courtyard, the library and the beautiful, octagonal, small salon, a good example of the Rococo style.


Apparently the only way to enter the building is by becoming a member of the Società del Whist. You need to be either a member of the aristocracy, though, or a magistrate or banker. the society was founded in 1841 by the Count of Cavour, who later was to become the first prime minister of Italy.

Palazzo Solaro del Borgo Turin

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