Palazzo Taglieschi Anghiari

The Palazzo Taglieschi, together with the Palazzo del Marzocco, is the most important building in the Piazza Mameli in Anghiari. It is the seat of the State Museum of Anghiari.

Palazzo Taglieschi Anghiari

Useful information

Address: Piazza Mameli, s.n.c. 52031 Anghiari (AR). Tel. +39 0575 788001. Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. ; Tuesday and Thursday 13 a.m. – 5 p.m. Closed: Saturday and Sunday. Entrance fee: 4 Euro (discount: 2 Euro).

History and description

The Palazzo Taglieschi is the result of the amalgamation of several medieval tower houses. The original building, except for a corner tower on the north side, opposite the Sant’Agostino Church, was made of wood. The rather small tower had a defensive function, but was also used as a warehouse for goods.

In 1307, the palace was partially destroyed in a fire. The reconstruction was probably commissioned by one Bartolomeo “Il Vecchietto” (the old man).

Later, the typical 14th century merchant’s house received a Renaissance facelift by Matteo Cane, a mercenary who represented the community. Cane, “dog,” was a nickname, and so the column at the corner of the building had a, now unrecognizable, dog’s head sculpted on it.

The State Museum, which resides in the building, displays fragments of a “Mary and Child” depicting fresco, which used to grace the front facade.

Palazzo Taglieschi Anghiari

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