Palazzo Torlonia Avezzano

The Palazzo Torlonia is part of the Villa Torlonia complex in Avezzano. The originally 19th century building had to be almost completely rebuilt after the 1915 earthquake. The modern version of what is now the seat of an institute for agriculture in the area is very different from that of the original building.

Palazzo Torlonia Avezzano

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

Palazzo Torlonia Avezzano
Palazzo Torlonia

Address: Piazza Torlonia 91 – 67051 Avezzano (tel. +39 0863501283). The Palazzo Torlonia is not open to tourists at the moment.

History and Description

The Palazzo Torlonia originally consisted of three floors and a bell tower. The fa├žade overlooked the gardens of the Villa Comunale and the fountain commissioned by Anna Maria and Giulio Torlonia in 1899. Each window featured the coat of arms of the Torlonias.

Unfortunately, this version of the building can only be seen in old photographs, as the 1915 earthquake flattened almost the entire palace. During the numerous restorations and renovations of the palazzo, people hardly looked at the original project. The final result is therefore very different from the original building. The inauguration of the new palace was in 1925.

Both the bell tower and the bells themselves are gone and it is one floor less high than it was before the earthquake.

At present, the Palazzo Torlonia serves as the seat of the offices of the ARSSA, the body that deals with agriculture in the area.

The park, which is located near the building first housed grain stores and later exhibited antique agricultural tools.

Piazza Torlonia 91 – Avezzano

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