Palazzo Vitelleschi Tarquinia

The Palazzo Vitelleschi is a 15th century building in Tarquinia. Since 1924 it has been the seat of the Museo Nazionale Archeologico Tarquiniense.

Palazzo Vitelleschi Tarquinia

Address, opening times and ticket price

The address of the Palazzo Vitelleschi is Piazza Cavour, 1a, 01016 Tarquinia (tel. +39 0766856036). The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 08.30 to 19.30. Closed: Monday, January 1, December 25. Entrance fee museum: 6 Euro. Youths from 18 to 25: 3 Euro. Younger than 18 and older than 25: Free.

History and description

Palazzo Vitelleschi Tarquinia
Palazzo Vitelleschi

The Palazzo Vitelleschi was constructed between 1436 and 1439 by order of Cardinal G. Vitelleschi. The construction was partly based on existing structures.

It was built according to a project of two different architects and is owned by the state. Giovanni Dalmata was the one who gave it its present appearance.

The facade has both Gothic and Renaissance elements, typical of the transition that took place in those years. Thus, the portal with the triangular tympanum depicting the Vitelleschi coat of arms on the left side of the façade is clearly Renaissance-influenced, while the biforas in the central part and the triforas on the right are evidently Gothic.

In a kind of niche on the right side of façade the ring of an octagonal well is visible. It dates back to 1459 and originally stood in the Palazzo Comunale. The bas-reliefs depict the patron saints and coats of arms of the city, the Vitelleschi family and Pope Pius II Piccolomini, respectively. The bronze sculpture on the right depicts the poet Cardarelli, who was from Tarquinia.

Also from the Piazza Soderini, at the back of the Palazzo Vitelleschi, one can recognize both Renaissance features (the rectangular windows of the second floor) and Gothic elements (the biforas on the second floor). The chapel and the cardinal’s own study protrude slightly. The chapel is graced with 15th century frescoes depicting scenes from the history of Lucrezia.

Palazzo Vitelleschi, Tarquinia

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