Palazzo Wedekind Rome

Palazzo Wedekind is a historic building in the Colonna district of Rome. It is located in the site where the Temple of Marcus Aurelius used to be. However, the columns gracing the facade were taken from the excavations in Veio, north of Rome.

Palazzo Wedekind Rome

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Palazzo Wedekind Rome
Palazzo Wedekind

The address of the Palazzo Wedekind is Piazza Colonna, 366 – Rome. Rione: Colonna.

History and description

The Palazzo Wedekind was built on the site where the Temple of Marcus Aurelius was located in Roman times.

The building was completely reconstructed in 1838. This was commissioned by Pope Gregory XVI. The architect was Camporese, who used 16 columns found at the archaeological excavations of Veio for the portico of his project. Veio was an ancient Etruscan city, later conquered by the Romans. After the Roman period, the city was completely abandoned.

After this renovation, it served as the seat of Ufficio di Stato delle Poste of the Pope, and then, from 1871, as the seat of the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Italy.

In 1879 it was purchased by the wealthy banker Wedekind, who had it renovated by G.B. Giovenale.

For several years during World War II, it was the seat of the Fascist Romans.

It is the historic seat of the daily newspaper Il Tempo.

Palazzo Wedekind, Rome