Palazzo Zuckermann Padua

Palazzo Zuckermann Padua

The Palazzo Zuckermann in Padua is the seat of the Museo Bottacin and of the Museum of Applied Arts. The building is located across the road from the famous Scrovegni Chapel.

Palazzo Zuckermann Padua

Useful information

Address: Corso Garibaldi, 33 – Padova. Opening times: (+39) 049 8205664. Opening times: From 10.00 till 19.00. Closed: Mondays.

History and description

It is only since 2004 that the Palazzo Zuckermann is used as a museum space. The Museum of Applied and Decorative Arts showcases objects from the Middle Ages till the mid-19th century, whereas the Museo Bottacin has a coin and medallion collection.

The building was constructed in the early 20th century, along a new connection between the city centre and the railway station. Construction took form 1912 to 1914. The architect was Arosio.

Bottacin Museum

The Bottacin Museum is named for Niccolò Bottacin (1805-1876), a wealthy merchant in fabrics. He left his 60.000 piece collection of antique coins, seals and medaillons to the city. These include pre-Roman (4th to 2nd century BC) coins from the area, and medallions with portraits of Roman emperors such as Hadrian and Septimius Severus.

Museum of Applied and Decorative Arts

The Museum of Applied and Decorative Arts has over 2000 objects belonging to the collections of the Medieval and Modern Art Museum. The collection includes jewelry, silverware, fabrics, furniture, ceramics and other kinds of applied arts, mostly donated by wealthy local families.

Palazzo Zuckermann, Padua

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