Palazzo Zustinian Contarini Venice

The Palazzo Zustinian Contarini is a historic building in the San Marco district of Venice. Unfortunately, much of the palace was destroyed by fire in the 19th century.

Palazzo Zustinian Contarini Venice

History and description

Built in the 16th century, Palazzo Zustinian Contarini used to be located between the Palazzo Priuli-Bon and the Palazzo Duodo Balbi-Valier. Like many buildings in Venice, it consisted of three floors.

After the death of the last descendant of the Zustinian family, the building passed into the hands of the Contarini, who also took up residence there. In the 19th century this formerly extraordinarily wealthy family ran into money problems and after the building was severely damaged by fire it was almost completely razed to the ground.

Only the rear part is still standing and is used today as a university building. Who wants to know what it used to look like can see the painting “Canal Grande near Ca’ Pesaro” by Michele Marieschi in the Alte Pinacothek in Munich.

Palazzo Zustinian-Contarini Venice

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