Paradiso sul Mare Anzio

The Paradiso sul Mare (“Paradise by the Sea”) in Anzio was originally built to be a casino, but by order of the pope it was never opened. The building, which in the past has often served as a d├ęcor for movies, was later converted into a hotel school.

Paradiso sul Mare Anzio

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Paradiso sul Mare Anzio
Paradiso sul Mare

The address of the Paradiso sul Mare is Via Antonio Gramsci, 110, 00042 Anzio. Tel. +39 069845147.

History Paradiso sul Mare

At the entrance to the building still hangs a sign with a text written by the mastermind behind the project, Giuseppe Polli. Polli claimed that a fusion of tourism, the casino and fashion would ensure that other industries could also flourish.

The Paradiso dul Mare was intended for the aristocrats who came to the city for entertainment.

Construction began in 1919 and it was completed five years later. It was designed by the architect Bazzani in an art-deco style.

Pope Pius X did not want a building dedicated to vice too close to the heart of Christianity and had it closed.


The semi-circular atrium is supported by six gray columns. There were two circular game rooms,with a ceiling supported by ten pillars.

The frescoes were painted by Tosatto. In the first room (Sala della Primavera), spring is the theme of the paintings. In the second, dancing nymphs are depicted on the walls.

There are six statues on the huge terrace. The four women represent respectively Summer, Spring, Industry and Commerce. The two men symbolize Autumn and Winter.

Below is the dining room, which is graced with shades of white and black and ivory plasterwork. The circular ballroom is graced with ten Ionic columns.

Paradiso sul Mare, Anzio

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