Parco Ducale Parma

The Parco Ducale of Parma was designed in 1560. Besides the Palazzo Ducale and the Palazzetto Eucherio Sanvitale, it is graced by sculptures by J. D. Boudard. It is one of the city’s biggest and most central parks and is open every day.

Parco Ducale Parma

Useful information

Address: Parco Ducale – Parma. Opening hours: From November to March from 07:00 to 20:00; from April to October from 06:00 to 12:00. Entrance fee: Free of charge.

History and what to see

Designed in 1560, the Parco Ducale (“Ducal Park”) was enlarged in the 18th century. Statues and groups of statues created by the Parisian sculptor Jean-Baptiste Boudard (1710-1768) are scattered throughout the park. Later, the park was further “frenchified,” through the use of symmetry and the urge to impose nature’s will.

Parco Ducale - Sileno sculpture group
Sileno sculpture group

Palazzetto Eucherio Sanvitale

The Palazzetto Eucherio Sanvitale was built in 1520 in Renaissance style by Giorgio Da Erba. The interior of this building is decorated with a “Madonna and Child” fresco by Parmigianino and an oil painting that has “Events in the Life of Mary” as its theme. The latter is attributed to the priest Cosimo Piazza (whose real name was Paolo). While working on the Palazzetto, he was decreed by Scipione Borghese to come to Rome. He lived from 1557 to 1621 and his tomb is in the Redentore Church in Venice. Other frescoes show grotesques and 16th century landscapes.

Palazzo Eucherio Sanvitale, Parco Ducale, Parma
Palazzo Eucherio Sanvitale

Tempietto di Arcadia

Part of the Parco Ducale is taken up by the Arcadian Woods. The Tempietto di Arcadia, designed by Ennemond Alexandre Petitot, another French architect, is located in this part. It is here that the Parmesan Arcadians met in the 18th century. The Arcadians were a group of artists and intellectuals who, in reaction to Baroque art, wanted to return to the simplicity of pastoral Greece and of the early days of the Roman era. The seat of the Accademia dell’Arcadia in Rome, the Bosco Parrasio, still exists.

De Fontana del Trianon, die midden in een meertje staat, is aan de rivieren Parma en Taro gewijd. Oorspronkelijk stond deze fontein bij het Palazzo Ducale van Codorno.

Aan de oostkant van het park staan enige eeuwenoude bomen.

Parco Ducale, Parma