Pasquino Rome (Talking Statue)

Pasquino is one of Rome’s legendary talking statues (Statue Parlanti), together with Madame Lucrezia, Abate Luigi and Facchino. The talking statues were used by the Romans in order to criticize the governments of the time.

Pasquino Rome (Talking Statue)

Useful information

Pasquino Rome
Pasquino and witticisms.

Address: Piazza di Pasquino – Rome. District: Parione. The monument is freely visible.

History and description

This was achieved by leaving short rhymes attached to the statues. These rhymes came to be called Pasquinate.

Pasquino was discovered in 1501 as a result of excavations near the Piazza Navona. Cardinal Oliviero Carafa ordered it to be placed at what is nowadays called the Palazzo Braschi in the Piazza di Parione.

It is thought to have stood in the Stadio Domiziano as part of a sculpture group called Menelao col Corpo di Patroclo, an imitation of a bronze original stemming from the 3rd century BC.

Pasquino was restored in 2010 as part of a restoration of all 4 talking statues. A protective layer was used to cover the statue so that the rain and the Roman smog will not be able to damage it again.

Pasquino Rome

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