Passetto Beach Ancona

Passetto is the name the residents of Ancona have given to the city’s beach. It is one kilometer long and is flanked by white cliffs, in which are carved so-called caves, now used as vacation homes. The district where this beach is located is also called Passetto.

Passetto Beach Ancona

History and Description

Passeto Ancona Beach

The Passetto is about a kilometer long and begins at the end of the Viale della Vittoria. From here one also has a good view of what is called the Riviera del Conero.

The beach is very rocky and is characterized by the white cliffs, in which are carved so-called caves that used to be used for mooring fishing boats and have been transformed into summer homes.

Ancona - Passetto - Seggiola del Papa
“The Papal Seat”

One of the most striking cliffs along the beach is called the Seggiola del Papa, or “Chair of the Pope”.

At the highest point of the Passetto you can see the Monumento ai Caduti (“Monument to the Fallen”). It was created between 1927 and 1933 by Guido Cirilli. Two wide, monumental steps lead from the beach to this sculpture.

Passetto, Ancona

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