Pianoscarano district Viterbo

Pianoscarano is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Viterbo. Unlike the other medieval district of San Pellegrino it has always been working class, instead of a neighborhood for the wealthier part of the population of the city.

Pianoscarano district Viterbo

History and description

Pianoscarano Fountain Viterbo
Pianoscarano Fountain

Before the district was inhabited, the Lombardy soldiers used this area to hold military exercises. The name Pianoscarano is therefore derived from the Lombard word for “troops”, squara.

The district was inhabited for centuries only by peasants and craftsmen. As a result, there are no stately mansions, as is the case in the other old city district of San Pellegrino.

The stretch of city wall between the Porta di Valle and the Porta Fiorita has often been knocked down and rebuilt. Although it had a moat, the wall was often under attack. In the 13th century, to combat the Romans attacking the city, people flooded the area in front of this wall with water and then put reeds and leaves on it. Because of the swampy ground that was created, the Romans got stuck and were easily defeated by the people of Viterbo.

Pianoscarano district Viterbo

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