Piazza Cahen Orvieto

The Piazza Cahen is one of the biggest squares of Orvieto. The square is reached by the funicular from in front of the railway station. From here you can take a bus to the Duomo, but it is much nicer to walk. Orvieto‘s picturesque main street Corso Cavour takes you directly to the center of the city.

Piazza Cahen Orvieto

History and description

Piazza Cahen Orvieto (view)
View from the Piazza Cahen.

The Piazza Cohen is not a very beautiful square in itself, but it does offer a pleasant view of the countryside east of the city. It also has an entrance to the Fortezza Albornoz (to the right of the funiculare entrance) and to the area with the Pozzo San Patrizio and the Tempio del Belvedere (to its left). The Fortezza Albornoz has been turned into the main park in the historical center.

For those arriving by car, there is a (paid) parking lot in the Piazza Cahen. (Those who prefer parking for free can do this next to the railway station.)

What to see

Ara dei Cinquecento (Monument for War Victims)

Ara dei Cinquecnto, Piazza Cahen, Orvieto.
Ara dei Cinquecento

The Ara dei Cinquecento (“Altar of the Five Hundred”) is located to your left when you exit the funiculare from the railway station. The “500” refers to the residents of Orvieto who died in the various wars that have been fought. It depicts “Victory crowning the dying soldiers” and was sculpted by a local artist called Angelo Cocchieri. At the bottom is a list of fallen soldiers, meticulously categorized after which war they fought in, and how they died (in battlefield, in prison, etc.).

Piazza Cahen, Orvieto

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