Piazza Cavour Anagni

Piazza Cavour Anagni (World War I Monument)

The main square of Anagni is called Piazza Cavour. The main attractions on this central square are the Madonna di Loreto Church and the Monument for the Victims of War. Its balcony also offers a beautiful panorama of the surrounding Monti Lupini.

Piazza Cavour Anagni

History and description

Piazza cavour Anagni
Piazza Cavour

What is now the Piazza Cavour was created when the Spanish Duke of Alba reigned over the area. Originally called Piazza Maggiore, it was baptized Piazza Pia in 1863, after Pope Pius IX had had the Acquedotto della Sala constructed. This aqueduct followed a 3 km route from a place called Osteria della Fontana to the centre of Anagni.

There used to be a fountain called Fontana Pia, erected to celebrate completion of the aqueduct, in the square. This was moved to its present location in the Parco della Rimembranza when the Monument for War Victims was erected.

In 1926, after winning a competition, Enrico del Debbio got to design the Parco della Rimembrenza. He used the slope of the hill to make to create a park crossed by walking paths and an impressive panorama from the balcony on the south side of the Piazza Cavour. Del Debbio was also partly responsible for the Stadio dei Marmi and the Palazzo della Farnesina (seat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) near the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

The Monumento ai Caduti was designed by Volterrano Volterrani. The monument has a triangular base and is dedicated to the victims of World War I. The symbols used are those of Victory, Glorification and Memory. The faces at the top of the monument personify to the fallen soldiers.

The short sides of the square are taken up by the Palazzo Pierron and the Palazzo Giannuzzi. Both palaces date back to the 18th century. The Palazzo Giannuzzi was created in 1739, by incorporating part of the San Marcello Church. The latter was completely destroyed in 1865, to make way for the house between the Via Vittorio Emanuele and the Via Garibaldi.

Fairs and festivities

Piazza Cavour has always been the site of local fairs and other festivities, such as the feasts in honour of the city’s patron saint, and the Giostra della Bufalo, a sort of bull fight.

Piazza Cavour, Anagni

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