Piazza Cavour Bologna

The Piazza Cavour in Bologna is a short distance from the Piazza Galvani. The square is characterized by a central garden, around which a number of beautiful buildings were erected in the 19th century. These palaces are characterized by the typical porticoes for which the city is famous.

Piazza Cavour Bologna

Useful information

Bus: 13, 96.

History and description

Piazza Cavour Bologna
Piazza Cavour

The garden was created only after the unification of Italy, in 1860. The construction was part of a larger urban renewal effort aiming to make the center of Bologna more livable.

Unfortunately, to make this possible, a number of 16th century palaces needed to be destroyed. A number of streets also disappeared, some of which had rather unusual names like Borgo Sàlamo or Sblisgapianelle. The latter is Bolognese dialect and refers to the slipperiness of the street.

The garden was further laid out in 1870 by Pietro Ceri, who was from Turin.

Although the garden is not very large, there is a considerable variety of plants.

Bologna-born Italian singer Lucio Dalla wrote a famous, beautiful and rather melancholy song about Piazza Cavour. This “Piazza Grande” is not, as many Italians think, about the Piazza Maggiore.

What to see

The statue of Cavour, which takes up central position in the garden, was placed there in 1902. It was created by the sculptor Carlo Monari.

Piazza Cavour Bologna

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