Piazza Cavour Rome

The Piazza Cavour is the largest and most impressive square in the Prati district of Rome. One of the long sides of the square is taken up entirely by the Palazzo della Giustizia. Other attractions are the monument for Cavour himself and the Chiesa Valdese.

Piazza Cavour Rome

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

Piazza Cavour Rome
Piazza Cavour

Address: Piazza Cavour, Rome. Access to the square is free of charge at any time of the day.

History and Description

Construction of the Piazza Cavour began in 1884. Work progressed somewhat slower than expected, because the simultaneous construction (1889 to 1910) of the Palazzo dell Giustizia caused some delays.

The designer of the garden, which was consecrated in 1910, was Nicodemo Severi.

Although the competition for the Monument to Cavour had been called in 1884, it was not until 1895 that the statue was placed in the square.

The different types of palm trees in the square were bought from the town of Ventimiglia, the border town with France. The trees had to be removed to make way for the new station to be built. In addition to the palm trees, Piazza Cavour also has pine trees, oleander, privet, viburnum, cercis and pomegranates.

The square is dedicated to Count Camillo Benso di Cavour (1810-1861), who hailed from Turin. This statesman, considered to be the architect of the Italian constitution, was the first Prime Minister of the new country Italy. Unfortunately, only two months after his appointment, he died of a stroke.

Piazza Cavour, Rome

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