Piazza dei Martiri Naples

The Piazza dei Martiri is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Naples. The main attractions in the square are a number of mansions and a monument honouring freedom fighters in the run-up to Italian unification.

Piazza dei Martiri Naples

History and description

The Piazza dei Martiri acquired its current name after Naples became part of the Kingdom of Italy. It is dedicated to the Italians who died fighting for independence.

However, it had already been constructed in the 17th century. Before this happened, the gardens of the Abbey of Santa Maria a Cappella used to be located here. The church of the same name, built in the same century, was destroyed by Murat in 1812.

In the center of this triangular square is a monument in honor of the martyrs. It consists of an 18th-century column, with a statue depicting the “Virtues of the Martyrs”. This statue was sculpted by Emanuele Caggiano. Four marble lions stand around this column.

The dying lion refers to the fallen during the uprising in Napoli in 1799, while the lion pierced by a lance symbolizes the uprising of the so-called carbonari in 1820. The two remaining lions refer to the Liberal and Garibaldine fighters who killed in 1848 and 1860.

When Count Calabritto bought part of the land, he had the Palazzo Calabritto built there, which was renovated in the mid-17th century by Luigi Vanvitelli. Its façade and grand staircase date from this time.

Across the square is the Palazzo Partanna, built by the Count of Coscia in 1746. In 1824, when it was owned by Lucia Migliaccio, wife of Ferdinand I, it was completely renovated by Niccolini.

The Palazzo Nunziante was built on the site where the Santa Maria a Cappella Nuova Church used to stand. It was built by Enrico Alvini at the time the Via Morelli was also being constructed.

Via Calabritto, which runs from the square to the Riviera di Chiaia, is among the city’s most prestigious shopping streets.

Piazza dei Martiri, Naples

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