Piazza del Vescovado Assisi

The Piazza del Vescovado, one of the most important squares in Assisi, is located immediately outside the inner ring of city walls. It is named after the bishop’s palace built there in 963.

Piazza del Vescovado Assisi

History and description

The Piazza del Vescovado was an important square in the life of St. Francis. It is here that the saint gave up his earthly possessions before Bishop Guido, and it is also where he allowed himself to be taken shortly before his death. He would eventually die in the Porziuncola which is now part of the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli Church.

The main attraction in the square is the Santa Maria Maggiore Church. Until the 11th century, when the San Rufino Church was named the cathedral of Assisi, the Piazza del Vescovado was the religious center of the city.

The Fountain of the Lions occupies the central spot in the square.

Except for the church, the Episcopal Palace (Palazzo Vescovile) is the most important building in the square.

Piazza del Vescovado, Assisi

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