Piazza della Libertà Spoleto

The Piazza della Libertà is one of the most important squares of Spoleto. It is a good starting point for tourists, since the local tourist office has its seat in a building on this square. Highlights of this historic square are the Roman Theatre and the Palazzo Ancajani.

Piazza della Libertà Spoleto

The Piazza della Libertà is halfway the Corso Mazzini, one of the city’s main streets.

Roman Theatre

The ancient Roman Theatre was built in the 1st century BC on an artificially created terrace. It can be seen by looking through the arches of the Palazzo Ancajani. Its ruins were rediscovered during excavations in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Palazzo Ancajani

The Palazzo Ancajani is easily recognizable through the big clock on its facade. It hosts a number of institutions, including the post office, the Accademia Spolentina and the Italian Centre for Early Medieval Studies. It was built in the 17th century for the family that gave it its name. During Napoleon’s reign it served as seat of the Prefecture of Trasimeno.

Palazzetto Ancajani

The Palazzetto Ancajani is the seat of the Spoleto tourist office. The Ancajani Chapel that used to be next to the palace was destroyed in 1860.

Piazza della Libertà, Spoleto

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