Piazza della Loggia Brescia

The Piazza della Loggia is the central square of Brescia. It is considered the most beautiful square in the city, which is largely due to the Palazzo della Loggia, the seat of the town hall. Another notable building is the Torre dell’Orologio.

Piazza della Loggia Brescia

History and description

The Piazza della Loggia was inaugurated in 1433 and is located where a market used to be held. It was intended to be the civic counterpart of the Piazza del Duomo. The architecture shows that the Venetians held power in the city while the square was being built. Palladio’s influence, with its emphasis on rigorous perfection of proportions, is especially evident.

The square was in the news on 28 May 1974 when a neo-fascist organization detonated a bomb there during an anti-neo-fascist demonstration, killing 8 people.

What to see

Palazzo della Loggia

The Palazzo della Loggia was built in Renaissance times. Construction lasted from 1492 to 1570 and was led by famous architects such as Jacopo Sansovino and Andrea Palladio. Today, this palace on the west side of the square serves as the town hall. The building to the right of the Palazzo della Loggia is the Palazzo Notarile built in the 16th century, while the Casa Vender on the other side dates from the 15th century.

Torre dell’Orologio

The Torre dell’Orologio houses the Brescia Tourist Office and is somewhat reminiscent of the similar tower in Venice. This tower stands directly opposite the Loggia, forming the central part of a porticoed building. In the archway below the tower is a memorial needle in honor of the 1974 bombing.

Monte di Pietà

The Monte di Pietà stands on the south side of the square. Roman architectural elements found during excavations were inserted into the facade of this bank.

Piazza della Loggia – Brescia