Piazza della Morte Viterbo

The Piazza della Morte (“Square of Death”) is located in the center of Viterbo, a short walk from the Piazza San Lorenzo and the city’s Cathedral. Attractions are the ancient fountain and the Santa Giacinta Church.

Piazza della Morte Viterbo

History and description

Piazza della Morte Viterbo
Piazza della Morte

The “Square of Death” was constructed in the 13th century. Originally it was called Piazza Nuova (“New Square”). Before it received its current name, it was also called Piazza San Tommaso for a while.

Its current name refers to a religious community that used to have its seat in a building in the square. The order was called the Comunità dell’Orazione e della Morte (“of Prayer and Death”). Incidentally, the Centro di Informazioni Turistiche now occupies this building.

The Fountain in the Piazza della Morte is one of the oldest of the city. It is decorated with lion’s heads and large leaves, above which an ornament in the shape of a pine cone can be seen. The original fountain was here as early as 1206 but was destroyed during a rebellion. It was not rebuilt until the mid-13th century. It is also called the Fontana di San Tommaso.

The Santa Giacinta Church is the only modern-looking building in the Piazza della Morte. It took the place of an older church destroyed by bombings during World War II.

Piazza della Morte Viterbo

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