Piazza della Repubblica Naples & Scugnizzo

The Piazza della Repubblica is one of the squares along the Lungomare of Naples. The east side of the square faces the Villa Comunale, while the main building on the west side is the American Consulate. The center of the square is taken up by the Monumento delle Quattro Giornate di Napoli.

Piazza della Repubblica Naples

History and description

Piazza della Repubblica Naples
Monumento dello Scugnizzo

In the course of its history the Piazza della Repubblica has had its name changed several times. Originally called Piazza Umberto I, in 1897 it became Piazza Principi di Napoli. This lasted until the 1960s, when it was again changed to the present name.

What to see

Lo Scugnizzo (Monument of the Four Days)

The “Monument of the Four Days of Naples” takes up central position in the Piazza della Repubblica. Between 27 and 30 September 1943, civilians and soldiers loyal to the Kingdom of the South liberated Naples from occupation by the German Wehrmacht. As a result, the Allied Forces, the day after the uprising, allied forces entered a city that had already been freed. Locals refer to the monument as Lo Scugnizzo (“Street Urchin”). It was made by Marino Mazzacurati in 1963. The Scugnizzo was a street kid called Gennarino who was killed trying to fight the German troops.

Villa Comunale

The Villa Comunale used to be the Villa Reale. It is now a 2 kilometer long public park, full of statues and monuments. It also houses the city’s Aquarium.

American Consulate

The American Consulate is housed in a relatively new building. From 1880 until the end of World War II, the site was occupied by the Grand Hotel.

Palazzo Guevara de Bovino

Just off the Piazza della Repubblica, you can find the Palazzo Guevara de Bovino (Riviera di Chiaia, 72). Giuseppe Pisanti was responsible for the neo-Renaissance facade of this building.

Useful information

Public transport: Bus: 101, 140, 151, N1, R7.

Piazza della Repubblica, Naples

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