Piazza della Rocca Viterbo

The Piazza della Rocca is the square in front of the great castle of Viterbo, after which it was named. Apart from the castle, its main attractions are the central fountain and the Porta Fiorentina.

Piazza della Rocca Viterbo

History and description

Piazza della Rocca Viterbo
Piazza della Rocca

When entering the centre of Viterbo through the Porta Fiorentina, one immediately reaches the Piazza della Rocca, where a large fortress (the Rocca Albernoz) is located.

The armies of Cardinal Albernoz, who fought on the Pope’s side, and were supposed to keep the population under control, held their military exercises in the square in front of the fortress, which thus came to be called Piazza della Rocca.

Until the end of the 19th century, death sentences were carried out on the square.

Piazza della Rocca Viterbo
Piazza della Rocca Fountain

The fountain, which was designed by Vignola, in the Piazza della Rocca was more or less an interlude for the famous architect. He happened to be working on a building in Caprarola when he was summoned to Viterbo. Perhaps for this reason, his construction soon collapsed and needed to be rebuilt.

Piazza della Rocca, Viterbo

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