Piazza della Vittoria Brescia

The Piazza della Vittoria in Brescia, as is quite evident from its architecture, was built during the Fascist era. It is now one of the most important squares in the city, where interesting buildings such as the Palazzo delle Poste and Italy’s very first skyscraper can be seen.

Piazza della Vittoria Brescia

History and description

Torrione, Piazza della Vittoria, Breascia
Italy’s first skyscraper.

The Piazza della Vittoria was constructed between 1926 and 1932 by the architect Marcello Piacentini. Like everything else built at the time, it was done along rigorous fascist lines.

In order to build the square, a large part of a historic medieval district had to be flattened. This district was characterized by the many fish, cheese, meat and grain stores, which caused a lot of stench. There were also many osterias and brothels. The center of the district was what was left of the Longobard curia ducis (a kind of town hall of a duchy).

The most striking building in the square is the Palazzo delle Poste, characterized by a very austere facade. The small building next to this palace dates from the 16th century.

Another impressive structure in the square is the so-called Torrione, Italy’s first skyscraper.

The modern pink building on the northeast corner is the Arengario, which is decorated by reliefs depicting events in the city’s history.

Piazza della Vittoria, Brescia

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