Piazza della Vittoria Pavia

The central square of Pavia is called Piazza della Vittoria. This square is flanked by beautiful historic buildings (and on one side ugly 20th century buildings) and a large number of cafes and terraces. Piazza Grande, as it is also called, is the meeting point of the inhabitants of the city. The square is located where the Corso Mazzini and Corso Cavour meet.

Piazza della Vittoria Pavia

Useful information

Bus: 1, 3c, 6.

History and description

Piazza della Vittoria Pavia
Piazza della Vittoria

The Piazza della Vittoria is located on the spot where the Roman Forum used to be. Where the Strada Nuova now runs was once the Roman cardo, and the Corso Cavour was the ancient decumano.

In the 14th century, Visconti had the square enlarged a bit. An extensive restoration took place in the 19th century.

In popular speech it is also called the Piazza Grande. The Piazza Piccola is the square in front of the cathedral.

In 1958, the open-air market, which until then had been held in the square, was moved to an underground destination. The entrance to the current market is on the north side of the square.

What to see

The Palazzo Broletto is a Renaissance building with a two-story loggia dating from the 12th century. It currently serves as the town hall. There is also a tourist office housed in this palace. It consists of a number of houses joined together over the centuries and often restored.

The former Santa Maria Gualtieri Church on the east side of the square was built in 1096 and served as such until 1789. It features frescoes dating back to the 12th century. Today it is the seat of a cultural center. By the way, the church was commissioned by the emperor’s representative. This Gualtieri lived aelf close to the place where he had the church built.

Several historic palaces along Piazza della Vittoria are now the seats of a number of banks.

The western side of the square is taken up by porticos.

Piazza della Vittoria Pavia

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