Piazza delle Vaschette Rome

The Piazza delle Vaschette is a small square along the Borgo Vittorio in the Borgo district of Rome. The main attraction in the square is the Acqua Angelica Fountain.

Piazza delle Vaschette Rome


Piazza delle Vaschette Rome
Piazza delle Vaschette

The Piazza delle Vaschette (“Square of the Tubs”) probably owes its name to some tubs that used to adorn the square.

Acqua Angelica Fountain

The fountain on the south side of the square is the Fontana dell’Acqua Angelica. It is named after the aqueduct it was originally fed by. Today its water comes from the Acqua Vergine Aqueduct. The fountain was designed by Francesco Buffa in 1898.

Acqua Angelica Fontein, Piazza delle Vaschette Rome
Acqua Angeica Fontein

Until 1930, the fountain stood next to the Santa Maria delle Grazie a Porta Angelica Church. However, the church was demolished to make room for the widening of Via di Porta Angelica. It was also necessary to move the fountain, which is now located about one meter below street level. Since the tub in which the fountain’s water falls is clearly older than the rest of the fountain, it is assumed to be one of the tubs after which the square was named.

Ex-Scuola Pontificio Pio X Rome
The former seat of the Scuola Pontificio Pio IX

The building behind the fountain occupies an entire side of the square. In this palace, from 1859 to 1939, the Scuola Pontificia Pio IX, founded by Pius IX, used to house the women’s section. Since 1939, it is the seat of a Catholic university.

Piazza delle Vaschette, Rome