Piazza di Pasquino Rome

The most famous landmark in Rome‘s Piazza Pasquino is the city’s first so-called “talking statue.” It is this statue that gave the square its name.

Piazza Pasquino Rome


Piazza di Pasquino rome
Piazza di Pasquino

Before the Piazza di Pasquino received its current name, it used to be called Piazza di Parione. Since it was a popular meeting place for writers and booksellers, it was also popularly known as Piazza dei Librai.

What to see

Pasquino, speaking statue

Toward the end of the 15th century, after Cardinal Oliviero Carafa had bought the building where the Palazzo Braschi now stands, he also immediately had the square paved. During the work, a statue was found and placed against the palace. It was given the name Pasquino and became Rome’s first talking statue.

Natività di Gesù Church

The Natività di Gesù Church stands directly opposite the talking statue. The order that used to run the church gave spiritual assistance to people who had been condemned to death. At present, this 17th century church is the national church of the Congolese community in Rome.

Memorial plaques

The buildings at both numbers 69 and 71 bear commemorative plaques. The building at number 71 had been destroyed in a fire in 1540. The wealthy owner, Antonio Alessandri, had it rebuilt exactly as it was. Which, of course, had to be mentioned on the facade. The adjacent, rather narrow, house next door has the reassuring inscription “Wide enough to inspire confidence.”

Piazza Pasquino, Rome