Piazza Farnese Fountains Rome

Together, the Piazza Farnese Fountains form the main ornamentation of this stately but extremely peaceful square in the heart of Rome. They originally stood near the Baths of Caracalla.

Piazza Farnese Fountains Rome

Useful information

Address: Piazza Farnese – Rome.

History and description

Piazza Farnese Fountains Rome
Piazza Farnese Fountain

he Piazza Farnese Fountains are fed by the Acqua Paola Aqueduct.

In 1466, they were brought from their original location near the Terme di Caracalla to Piazza Venezia, to be placed in front of the Palazzo di San Marco.

In the mid-16th century, one of them was brought to Piazza Farnese by order of Pope Paul III Farnese. At the time, this fountain was placed in the center of the square.

The second fountain was added only in 1580. This was commissioned by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, who had to replace it with a new (smaller) fountain.

It was not until 1626 that Girolamo Rainaldi placed the two fountains in their current positions.

What to see

Piazza Farnese Fountain Rome
And its twin.

The two large granite tubs are decorated with lambs and lions’ heads. They are exactly the same shape. The original Roman tubs are in a larger version made of travertine marble. In one basin is the iris, the symbol of the Farnese family. From the iris, water falls into the basin. Through four masks, it then drips further into the tubs.

Piazza Farnese Fountains Rome

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