Piazza Febei Orvieto

The Piazza Febei is a small square near the San Francesco Church, on the south side of Orvieto‘s historic center. It is therefore commonly referred to as Piazza San Francesco by the locals themselves.

Piazza Febei Orvieto

Hisotry and description

Palazzo Coelli Orvieto
Palazzo Coelli

The Piazza Febei is named after the 17th century nobleman Francesco Maria Febei. This bishop and writer was the founder of the Accademia dei Risvegliati (“Academy of the Reawakened”). This group used to meet in the Palazzo Febei, which today goes by the name Palazzo Coelli.

This Palazzo Coelli (Piazza Febei, 3) is nowadays, like several historic buildings in the city, the seat of a bank. It consists of several buildings that have been joined together over the centuries. Part of the palace also serves as a convention center.

At the spot where the Via Lorenzo Maitani reaches the square, a weathered plaque can be seen, on which is written that this is the highest point in the city.

The main attraction in this square is formed by the San Francesco Church and its associated convent. The latter has been transformed since 2009, after a major renovation, into the seat of the Municipal Library.

Piazza Febei – Orvieto