Piazza Grande Livorno

The Piazza Grande is one of the main squares in the center of Livorno. The most important buildings in the square are the Cathedral and the Palazzo Grande.

Piazza Grande Livorno

History and Description

Piazza Grande Livorno
Piazza Grande

Originally constructed in 1594, the “Grand Square” used to live up to its name even better, since until World War II it was twice the size it is now. The square was then divided in two by the construction of the Palazzo Grande. The part on the south side of this palace is now called Piazza del Municipio.

Several architects, including Buontalenti, collaborated on the project. The Englishman Inigo Jones would later use his knowledge gained in the construction of the square in the construction of London’s Covent Garden.

Sights in Piazza Grande Livorno


The main building in the Piazza Grande is the Duomo. Built between 1594 and 1606, this cathedral is dedicated to San Francesco and houses a number of works of art that survived the bombings. The architects were Pieroni and Cantagallina.

Palazzo Grande

The Palazzo Grande is located opposite the cathedral. This was once a theater, but has now been converted into a large cinema complex. It was completely rebuilt after the Second World War.


The surviving porticoes in the square were designed by Alessandro Pieroni in the 17th century.

Piazza del Municipio

The Palazzo Comunale, the Palazzo Granducale and the Palazzo della Dogana, which all used to flank the Piazza Grande, are now in the Piazza del Municipio.

Piazza Grande, Livorno

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