Piazza Inferiore Assisi

Assisi‘s Piazza Inferiore in front of the Basilica of St. Francis is a rectangular square with colonnades on its long sides. It is a wonderful place to sit quietly on a bench and admire the various bas-reliefs and other ornaments that can be seen in the square.

Piazza Inferiore Assisi


The square can be reached by walking up Via Frate Elia from the Porta San Francesco.

History and description

The official name of the square is Piazza Inferiore della Basilica di Assisi. It was laid out in 1253. It is framed by porticoes built in the 15th century. From the square, one has access to both the San Bernardino Oratory, which is marked by a twin portal, and the Basilica Inferiore.

A double staircase leads from the Piazza Inferiore to the Piazza Superiore.

Piazza Inferiore, Assisi

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