Piazza IV Novembre Perugia

Piazza IV Novembre is the central square of Perugia. It is located at the end of the city’s main street (Corso Vannucci) and and in and around the square are some of the most famous tourist attractions of the city, including the Cathedral and the Fontana Maggiore.

Piazza IV Novembre Perugia

History and description

Palazzo dei Priori Perugia
Palazzo dei Priori, one of the main attractions of Perugia.

In the time of the Etruscans, it was already a meeting place, in the time of the Romans ditto, and in the Middle Ages the most important figures of the city used to meet here. Nowadays, Piazza IV Novembre is the square where the students of the city hang out in the evenings.

In the middle of the square is the large Fontana Maggiore fountain, one of Perugia’s most famous attractions.

The San Lorenzo Cathedral is also located in Piazza IV Novembre, together with the Loggia di Braccio.

Across the square from the Cathedral is the side wall of the Palazzo dei Priori.

Incidentally, the square is named after the day when for Italy the First World War ended. This is now National Unity Day and Armed Forces Day. In 1977, it stopped being an official holiday, however.

Piazza IV Novembre, Perugia

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