Piazza Mazzini Fountain Rome

The central Fountain in the Piazza Mazzini in Rome occupies the bigger part of the square. Built in 1927, the monument is the result of a collaboration between the architect Raffaele De Vico and the sculptor Ermenegildo Lupi.

Piazza Mazzini Fountain Rome

Address, Opening Hours and Admission

Piazza Mazzini Fountain Rome
Piazza Mazzini Fountain

To get to Piazza Mazzini, take the metro to the Lepanto stop (line A). Walk down Via G. Ferrari until you see the square and the fountain in front of you. Quartiere: Della Vittoria.

History Piazza Mazzini Fountain Rome

The Fontana di Piazza Mazzini is located in the center of a small park that in itself is the center of a traffic circle. Four paths run perpendicular to each other towards the fountain.

At each corner of the square basin is a large column. Each column is opped with a large eagle.

On the outside of the base of the columns, in semi-circular tubs, are fountains containing water spouting dragons inside. On the inside, the water falls gradually through a succession of five shells.

Also on display are the figures of two fairy animals spraying water toward the fountain’s centerpiece.

Around the fountain runs a path decorated with a multi-colored mosaic. The mosaic depicts multiple mythological figures as well as the signs of the zodiac.

Piazza Mazzini Fountain, Rome

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