Piazza Mazzini Fountain Velletri

The Piazza Mazzini in Velletri is located where Corso della Repubblica, Via Fabio Filzi, Via San Francesco and Via Borgia meet. The monumental fountain that stands in the center of the square was built in the 17th century, after the construction of the aqueduct was completed.

Piazza Mazzini Fountain Velletri

History and description

Piazza Mazzini Fountain Velletri
Fountain in the Piazza Mazzini

The fountain in Piazza Mazzini is one of a number of fountains in Velletri that were built after the construction of the aqueduct. The architect responsible for the aqueduct was Giovanni Fontana.

The Piazza Mazzini Fountain was built in 1612. At that time the square was still called Piazza del Piano. Where the hardware store (ferramento) is now located was the Loggia dei Mercanti at that time. As in many cities, this was the place where trade was conducted in the Middle Ages. This was done on marble tables under a portico.

The fountain itself was probably designed by Angelo Pellegrini. It is graced by mythological gods, seahorses and lions. These figures were designed by the architect Massimiliano Bruni. Pellegrini had also designed the now no longer existent Fontana del Trivio.

The columns around the fountain were added in 1684 to prevent animals from drinking from it.

The current appearance of the fountain is the result of a restoration by the architect Nicola Giansimoni, who also contributed to the San Martino Church.

Piazza Mazzini – Velletri