Piazza Paolo VI Brescia

The original medieval name of the Piazza Paolo VI in Brescia was Piazza del Duomo. This beautiful square is framed by a number of historically important buildings, including the City Tower (Torre Civica), Broletto, the Duomo Nuovo and the Duomo Vecchio. The Fountain of Minerva takes op position in the center of this square.

Piazza Paolo VI Brescia

History and description

Piazza Paolo VI Brescia
Broletto, Duomo Nuovo and Duomo Vecchio

Piazza Paolo VI was laid out in the Middle Ages and was then called Piazza Duomo.

The east side of the square is taken up by what were the most important buildings of the city during the Middle Ages. These are the Broletto, the Duomo Nuovo in the middle, and the Duomo Vecchio.

The Palazzo del Broletto also includes the city tower and the so-called Loggia delle Grida. It is the oldest public building in the city and was built in several phases, from the Middle Ages to the 17th century. The last addition was the portico on the north side. Today it is the seat of a number of municipal as well as provincial offices.

The Duomo Nuovo (“New Cathedral”) was also built over a longer period of time. The first stone was laid in 1604. The building was not completed until 1825, however. This also explains why the lower part shows baroque and the upper art nouveau influences.

The Duomo Vecchio was built in the 12th century and is a rare example of a round medieval building.

On the other side of the square stands the Casa dei Camerlenghi, characterized by a portico and a 15th century Gothic trifora. Next door is a neo-classical building from 1809, with two large central Ionic columns.

A medieval passageway leads to Via Dieci Giornate, which runs along the ancient Roman walls.

The building of the Credito Agrario Bresciano on the south side was designed by Antonio Tagliaferri in the early 20th century.

Piazza Paolo VI, Brescia