Piazza Pietro Fontana Spoleto

Piazza Pietro Fontana Spoleto

The Piazza Pietro Fontana is one of the most important squares in the center of Spoleto. It is named after a local politician and historian. The main attractions on the square are the Fountain of the Maccabei and the Palazzo Mauri.

Piazza Pietro Fontana Spoleto

Piazza Pietro Fontana Spoleto
Piazza Pietro Fontana

The Piazza Pietro Fontana is located along the Via Filippo Brignone. It is named for the art historian and politician Pietro Fontana, who, between 1832 and 1838, played an important role in the history of Spoleto. During those years he was the Gonfalonier of Justice of the city.

Fontana dei Maccabei

The Fountain of the Maccabei in the center of the square is named after an Israelian tribe from the 2nd century BC. In the 19th century it was moved to its present position from the Piazza Pianciani. It was built reusing material that used to be part of an earlier version of the same fountain in the Piazza del Mercato.

Palazzo Mauri

The most striking building on the square is the 17th century Palazzo Mauri. The walls of some of the rooms in this palace are decorated with frescoes by Alessandro Bottoni (1662), Giuseppe Valeriani (1740) en Domenico Sergardi (1748). Now the seat of a public library, the Palazzo Mauri also has a literary cafe in its courtyard.

Piazza Pietro Fontana, Spoleto

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