Piazza in Piscinula Rome

Piazza in Piscinula is one of Rome‘s most historical squares. The name refers to a number of ancient Roman baths which existed in the spot where this square is located (piscina is the Italian word for swimming pool).

Piazza in Piscinula Rome

History and description

The Chiesa di San Benedetto in Piazza in Piscinula has the smallest bell-tower of all Roman churches. The 18th century facade of this church is fairly misleading, since it was actually built in the 4th century.

Across from the church is the Casa dei Mattei, also known as the Palazzetto Mattei, which used to be the dwelling of one of Rome’s richest families. In the 16th century, after a murder had been committed in the house, the Mattei left it and built a magnificent palazzo in the Ghetto on the other side of the Tiber.

The Mattei had always been very influential and when, in the 15th century, they chose the side of the pope in a conflict, that temporarily signified the end of a secular city council.

Piazza in Piscinula Rome

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